Getting there

You travel to Notodden by bus, train, plane or car

Coming to Norway by air

Travelling to Norway and Notodden is easiest with a plane to Oslo airport, Gardermoen. This airport is served by SAS, Norwegian, British Airways, Air France, KLM and other major airlines.

The airports at Rygge and Sandefjord are alternative airports in the area. Sandefjord is not recomended because of limited connections (bus/train) to Notodden.

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Notodden:

Alternative a) 

Combination of the Airport Express Coach (shuttle bus) with bus to Notodden (see below). This is the cheapest alternative if you ask for return trip all the way to Notodden.

Alternative b)

Train to Kongsberg from the Airport (local train) and bus from Kongsberg to Notodden (see below). This is the fastest alternative.

Alternative c)

Airport Express train to Oslo and bus from Oslo to Notodden (see below). This is the fastest alternative in to down-town Oslo. This Airport Express train can alternatively take you all the way to Drammen, but then you will find yourself having a long way to walk/taxi between the train station and the bus stop to Notodden.

These are the three recommended alternatives. Several more are available and possible.

Bus to Notodden from Oslo

Every hour at twenty to the hour a bus departs for Notodden from the centre of Oslo: Timekspressen. The bus trip takes 2 hours. Sunday through Thursday the bus stops for a few hours during the night. Please refer to the bus company web site for details. Unfortunately this page is only in Norwegian, but Notodden and Oslo spells the same in Norwegian and English and numbers are international. You can find time table and order tickets (optional - you may do this when you board) here:


Train to Notodden
Notodden is the end station on the train line Bratsbergbanen. If you arrive at Torp Airport, this may be an alternative, but note that this train has very few departures.

Fly to Notodden

If you happen to travel from or via the Norwegian west coast, you may board one of the small planes that frequents the routes Bergen-Notodden and Stavanger-Notodden on a daily basis. This way of travelling is unfortunately quite expensive, but the flight is an experience in itself.