The venue - practical information

The conference venue is at Telemark University College, Notodden, Norway.

How does Notodden look like? You'll find live web cams from one of our local newspapers here. Be sure to choose the cameras titeled Notodden 1-6, or else you'll not see Notodden, but other sights in the Telemark region.

The Weather

In Norway late September the autumn has begun. The leaves on the threes are going yellow/red, the sun may warm you during the day but the night can bring temperatures below 0 degrees celcius. The weather may vary quite a lot. During one day, you may experience fog, sun, rain, frost. You can keep informed by following this link:

You will probably not experience snow in Notodden at this time of year. However, last week it was reported snow on 1200 metres above sea level (Notodden is below 100m). This means that those of you joining us at the post-conference trek to Gaustatoppen, may find the first snow of the year.

We recommend that you bring warm clothes, warm socks and a rain coat. For indoor use, we recommend long sleeves and perhaps a scarf. If you observe Norwegians wearing short sleeved shirts, please note that they do it out of the habit: when the sun shines, make the best of it. This does not mean that it is comfortable for everyone to do the same.