The final deadline for registering to the conference was August 24th 2012.
160 participants are registered by this date.

Registration fee

The registration fee includes 

  • Welcome Reception Monday,
  • Conference Banquet Tuesday,
  • Conference Dinner Wednesday,
  • Transportation, guide and snack during the Round trip, Networking activity Wednesday
  • Lunch and coffee/snack during the conference days.

The registration fee does NOT include:

  • Accomodation. You may find information about accomodation here: Where to stay
  • Transportation to or from place of accomodation to the conference venue
  • Transportation to or from the conference. You may find information about transportation here: Getting there


  • Participants: 3500 NOK (approximately 580 USD)
  • NordFo members: 3000 NOK (approximately 490 USD)
  • PhD or MA students, if they hold a student identity card: 1500 NOK (approximately 249 USD)

NordFo members who work at academic institutions in the Nordic countries may be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses. Please contact NordFo v/ Jostein Sandven for more information.