Telemark University College invites participants to join in the Pre-Conference PhD-course

The course is arranged by TUC's PhD-program Culture studies and offered to PhD-students enrolled in this program, other PhD-studentes or researchers.

The course is free of charge.

Course Name

Navigating in Various Knowledge Landscapes – Introduction to Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology in relation to Making – an International Conference on Materiality and Knowledge, Notodden, September 2012.


Faculty of Arts, Folk Culture and Teacher Education


Department of Art and Design Education


3,5 ECTS (7,5 ECTS)

There will be an opportunity to gain 4 extra ECTS, through writing a scientific paper (for details see: Course Description).


1st September – 31st October 2012, Pre-Conference on-site course, week 38 (17 – 21 September)

Language of Instruction



Doctoral degree


MA in relevant subject.

PhD students in TUC’s PhD-program in Culture Studies and Participants of the MAKING-conference in Notodden 24th – 27th September will be given priority in participation.

Course Objectives

After completing the course, the candidate should

have been introduced into Philosophy of Science and research methodology,

have been introduced into various “knowledge landscapes” of heterogeneous character within practice based research,

Have been instroduced into Culture Studies with emphasis on  «making» aspects as a common object of studies.

have the ability  to position one’s own research project within the “landscapes” and to have strengthen his/her initial epistemological competence and intellectual self-confidence, especially of those who have their background in practice-based fields.            

Course Description

The course is organized as a pre-conference to MAKING – an International Conference on Materiality and Knowledge in Notodden 24th – 27th September. The pre-conference course will consist of two main parts

Part 1, beginning on the 1st of September 2012:

required reading of Course Literature

writing a pre-course assignment.

participation in the pre-conference on-site course 17th to 21st September, lectures and individual and group work during the pre-conference course.

The following issues will be raised in part 1:

Introduction to the history of science



Humanities, Making Professions, and the aesthetic disciplines as sub-fields of Culture Studies

Introduction to the ethics of research

Part 2, beginning on the 24th of September 2012

participation in the conference

reading the texts suggested by the keynote speakers,

writing of an academic article under the guidance a supervisor.

Learning Methods

This course will be built on the principle that new knowledge has to be read about, used and related to in one’s own text, presented orally and visually, and discussed by peers and tutors.

Peer-learning in teams of 2 and 3, will be used. This mode of learning is supposed to strengthen the PhD students’ competence in critical thinking, approaching demanding texts, in managing complex interdisciplinary assignments and projects, in communicating research and development work, and in participating in debates in the field in the broad field of Culture Studies in an international context.

In addition to these methods, regular lectures will be given.

Assessment Methods

Part 1 (3,5 ECT):

Reading of Course Literature and writing a pre-course assignment.

Assessment scale: Pass / Fail

Participation in the pre-conference on-site course 17th to 21st September.

 Assessment scale: Pass / Fail

Part 2 (4 ECT):

Participation in the conference,

Assessment scale: Pass / Fail

Academic article.

Assessment scale: Pass / Fail









Course Description

Preliminary Timetable (details in content, hours and dates may be changed)

Navigating in Various Knowledge Landscapes - Introduction to Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology in relation to Making – an International Conference on Materiality and Knowledge.

Responsible Lecturers: Professor Fredrik Nilsson, Chalmers Universitet, Göteborg. Professor Halina Dunin-Woyseth, HiT. Associate Professor Marte S. Gulliksen, HiT.