Mikkel B. Tinn

Mikkel B. Tin is professor of traditional arts at the TUC’s Department of Folk Art and Folk Music.
With art theory as his special responsibility, he questions the relevance of the fine art discourse in understanding the distinctive features of tradition-based art. His doctoral studies at the Université de Paris (Le phénomène esthétique. Perception et aperception chez Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 2001), as well as his research at the Norwegian Folk Museum, help him understand the primary morphology of folk art and its cognitive potential (De første formene. Folkekunstens abstrakte formspråk, 2007). Lately, he has focused particularly on the role of the body in the making of tradition and tradition-based art (Spilleregler og spillerom. Tradisjonens estetikk, 2011).