Kristina Niedderer

Kristina Niedderer, PhD. MA(RCA), is Reader in Design and Applied Arts at the University of Wolverhampton, UK

Kristina Niedderer, is Reader in Design and Applied Arts at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. She leads the 'Material and Theoretical Practice' research cluster and oversees Contextual Studies for the MA Design and Applied Arts. Kristina is the founding editor of Craft Research and she also leads the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiental Knowledge. Her Research focuses on experiental knowledge as one of the foundations of craft, on developing craft research in theory and practice, and on behaviour change through mindfulness in craft and design. For further information please visit:

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Explorative Materiality and Knowledge: The Role of Creative Exploration and Artefacts in Design Research.

Comparing the nature of design research against the background of research in traditional science and humanities disciplines puts the differences into sharp relief. They highlight the key characteristics of design - its interdisciplinary - creative and experiential nature, which any design research has to take into account.

These characteristics are discussed in relation to the theoretical foundations of research and models of knowledge to develop an understanding of methodological rigour that is able to embrace the notions of creativity and experience. In this context, design process and design artefacts serve as important means and methods within the process of research to enable such an approach. This research examines the potential roles and relationships of the design process and design artefacts within the research process. A case study of the authorís own work serves to discuss the balance and integration of theory and (design) practice within the research process, and how this integration can enable a multi-layered contribution to the theoretical and practical advancement of the field.