Lunch, coffee and breaks

Coffee breaks, Luncheons and Dinners

Coffee breaks, luncheons and dinners are all included in your registration fee.

All coffee breakes and luncheons are served outside the Conference Main Lecture Theater, “Glassgangen”.

You may take your food here and stay here, or walk to a pleasant place to eat. The open-air atrium outside the Glassgangen, and grassy slopes towards the Viking camp outside the Campus are nice places to eat and mingle during the breaks. That is, if the weather is fortunate.

Please make sure that you bring cups and plates back to the serving area.

Participants who have asked for special dietary food (vegetar, allergy etc.), please find your own food in the cafeteria down stairs in the Reception area. Let the people behind the counter know that you are with the Making Conference.


For participants staying in Kongsberg, and other participants needing a breather, we have two rooms for relaxation available:

-          The University Library, next to the Reception area, all day.

-          The Faculty dining room 4th floor, S-wing, after 2 pm.