Detailed guidelines for the peer-response system

The Peer-response system is set up in order for presenters to get more prepared response on their presentations, for peers to have more time to think about a contribution before discussing it in public, and for the audience to get more insight in the presentation before raising their own questions or comments.

The presenter in the peer-response system is given 20 minutes to present his paper. Three weeks before the conference, on the 1st of September, the presenter has sent his/her presentation to their peer. The peer has read the text in advance and prepared a maximum of 10 minutes discussion with the presenter. After the peer and the presenter have had their allotted time, the floor is open for everyone else to ask questions or comment ex auditorio.

The  peer-response teams are made up as pairs. The same two persons present and comment to each other. This is done with the ambition of enhancing the “response” aspect, mutual respect and scientific curiosity on the other’s presentation. It is important to underline that this system is not a peer-review system. Peers should response, not assess, discuss- not evaluate. At the Making conference, although some of you are full Professors while others are beginning a PhD, some of you are practitioners while others are researchers, we would strive to achieve an aura of critical constructive discussions in order to advance the field of knowledge.

For example the response could cover some of these keywords:

  • What have I understood to be your topic (the active listener responding)
  • Does the presentation/text – to me as a listener/reader – appear to have a clear structure and a consistency?
  • How could you, in my opinion, achieve a higher level of consistency and clarity in the presentation/text?
  • Which issues raised in the text/presentation would I – from my perspective/field of expertise - like to address? (f.ex: Research question (if there is one)MethodologyResults Discussions/conclusions)

This list is not meant as a default list of questions. You do not need to follow this list if you don’t find it relevant to the presentation you are to comment. But more like a box of ideas used to prepare your 10 minutes response.

We wish you all good luck with your preparations, and look forward to meeting you all in Norway in September.

Notodden 30. August 2012

The Scientific committee, Making Conference.