Internet, technical support and computers

1.     Computers

At Telemark University College, we use PC. This means that if you use a Mac and intend to use it for your presentation you will need a converter cable to fit it into our projectors. If you do not bring your Mac, you will need to convert your presentation file to a PC-format in advance. There is given time in the program, Monday between 12-18 to test your presentations in our system.

2.     Computers and Projectors in the parallel sessions.

Every room used for plenary or parallel sessions are equipped with computers (PC) with Microsoft Office and USB ports, and Projectors. We kindly ask all presentors to test the equipment in their designated rooms the day before their presentation.

Please be present in the room 10 minutes before your session begin, in order to upload your presentation, meet the Session Chair and the other presenter(s).

3.     Internet Access

At Telemark University College we have wireless internet access (almost) everywhere. If your home institution uses the Eduroam system, then your computer automatically will connect with our system if you log in with your own username and password.

If you do not have Eduroam, you will need a guest-user name and code. We can make this in advance and put information in your Conference folder. Please send an email to if you need this. Making these codes in advance makes it very much easier for us to give this service to you. This service is provided free of charge.

4.     Copies and Printing options

Please try to avoid copying and printing during the conference. If you need to print anything during the conference, you may contact our Copy-centre at the 2nd floor in the L-wing. There is a small fee to pay per printed sheet. Please mark the opening hours from 8.30-15.00.

5.     Technical support

IT support is available at the Registration area during the time specified for registration. At all other hours, please contact the Student IT-support at 3rd floor in the L-wing. You may also contact either of our Hosts to help you contacting IT-support.