Papers - publication

The three Journals - Techne, FORMakademisk and Studies in Material Thinkning are now calling for articles.

Papers that will be presented at the conference.

All papers in sessions as pdf

a Matrix of all papers in all rooms

PDF-version of the Official Book of Abstracts (you get a printed version when you arrive in Notodden)

The submitted abstracts was evaluated by a select team of peer-reviewers in April/May 2012. Confirmation of acceptance were followed by a publication of the abstract on the conference website.

We have chosen not to have a template for the papers presented at the conference, as we invite both traditional academic papers and papers with emphasis on a more multimodal presentation.

The process of linking peer-responders to each other were finished by august 26th. Small revisions has been made later on. Those who have opted for "with peer-response" received an email with names, email addresses and some general information before the 1. September, the deadline for sending the full paper to your peer. Peer-responders were assigned to each other based on these chriterias:

  • personal wishes which we have received concerning topic, person or presentation time (this is not possible anymore),
  • institutional relationships,
  • country/language (we want to mix this as much as possible),
  • and selected category/topic.

If you have opted for "without peer-response" your deadline for completing your paper presentation is the date of the conference.

Concerning both of the categories for paper presentation there will be a station at campus during the registration time on Monday 24th where ICT support and exhibition group will help you to ensure you to have your file or materials ready for the current parallel session/your presentation.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the scientific journals Studies in Material Thinking, Techne and FORMakademisk. All three journals will publish a special issue with articles based on papers and keynote lectures presented at the Conference. The editorial teams for each journal have the sole right to decide which articles they want to publish, but if you are interested in being considered for publication you may say so in your abstract. The editors may also invite authors to contribute if they so wish.

All three journals are recognized by the Norwegian system of accredited scientific journals.