The Making, Materiality and Knowledge conference aims to provide an arena for discussions on field-specific, inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge production within Making Disciplines/Making Professions/Making Education.

The active and creative meaning of the word Making is the first key-concept of the conference and the centre focus, and the first key-concept of the conference. The making of something in something, a material, renders a focus on the physical and material aspects of making. Materiality is as such the second key-concept of the conference. The third key-concept of the conference, knowledge, emphasizes the need to understand Making as both a knowledge-based and a knowledge-generating process.

The conference takes an educational perspective on these key concepts. Questions asked, are:
  • How can education in the Making Professions prepare the future citizens to identify and solve possible future challenges?
  • What are the possible meanings, functions and consequences of materiality and material-related knowledge in such a context?

The conference acknowledges the multiplicity of meanings around the Making Professions. Critical and constructive exchange of ideas and debate will be welcomed. Therefore, in addition to the key-note speeches, time is provided for two larger panel discussions, and for prepared peer-response on presented papers.